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Vancouver - Jocelyne Hallé

Butterfly - Jocelyne Hallé

Crow - Jocelyne Hallé

Mushroom - Jocelyne Hallé

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Jocelyne Hallé

Jocelyne Hallé

Jocelyne Hallé is a self-taught photographer. Born in Lévis (Québec), she grew up in the northwest region of Abitibi (Québec). She studied Visual Arts under Jeannine Durocher, SASV, painter, enamel artist and art historian. After graduating in Public Relations and Translation in 1976, she spent the next seven months backpacking through Europe. Her love of travel is complemented by her photography; according to her, you can’t have one without the other! Jocelyne has been living in Vancouver since 1978.

Drop me a line, let me capture your best moments.

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Instagram: @JocelyneHallePhotography

Vancouver, BC